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Albert Normandin

02nd of January 2021- 01st of February 2021


Albert is a professional photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Early on he escaped to New York City to work with the legendary American photographer, Jay Maisel. Eventually he returned to Canada to begin his own photographic career. Albert continues to challenge himself creatively in a very wide range of styles. The images in this portfolio are from his current addiction, Myanmar (Burma).

A Moment of Meditation

A Burmese nun prays in front of a candle at Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

Mystical Bagan

Morning mist before sunrise over the valley of temples in Bagan, Myanmar

The Great Tenasserim River

A lone boat man rows along The Great Tenasserim river at sunrise, Myanmar


A woman carries her water supply up from the banks of The Great Tenasserim river, Myanmar

Old Block

Dilapidated apartment building block in Yangon, Myanmar

Driving Rain

Driving through the tail end of a cyclone in Northern Myanmar


Reflection of woman workers carrying baskets of gravel from a ship on the Ayeryarwady River, Myanmar

Quiet Studies

A very young Buddhist nun studies alone at a nunnery in Myanmar

Sunrise Exercise

Men doing their daily exercise routine at sunrise on the banks of the Ayeryarwady River, Myanmar


A fisherman rows by his fenced off fishing area, Ayeryarwady River, Myanmar

Mystical Clouds

Clouds form over the trees at sunset, Myanmar

Novice Concerned

A concerned young boy awaiting to be come a Monk at a Novitation ceremony, Myanmar


Man in a bus widow, bored from his long travels. Myanmar

Peaceful Row

A boatmen rows past the skyline and temple at a misty sunrise, Myanmar

Connected Reflection

A family walks past a golden reclining Buddha image, Myanmar


Overheard canopy of trees, Myanmar

Silent Meditation

A Buddhist nun, covered in a mosquito net, in silent meditation, Myanmar

Maharkyain Sitting Buddha

Buddha statue rises from the early morning mist, Myanmar

Muslim Student

A young Muslim student lost in thought at morning religious studies, Myanmar

Lay Kyun Sakya

Standing Buddha image in sunset light, Myanmar

Football Tradition

Traditional Pa O women cheering on at a football game, Myanmar

Morning Offering

Traditional Pa O woman returning from Temple offerings as the sun rises, Myanmar


Traditional Pa O grandfather at his home, Myanmar

Golden Stupa

Evening light as a Golden Stupa glows, Myanmar


Man opening his shop doors, Yangon, Myanmar

Limited Edition Fine Art prints

Please contact Albert Normandin directly


Image size

10 x 16 - $800

20 x 30 - $1,500

40 x 60 - $3,000

Edition of 5 per print size

Each print is made by Albert Normandin personally.

Prints are signed, numbered and include a certificate of authenticity.

Prints are archival with pigment inks on premium fine art paper.

Approximate image size in inches depending on the camera format.

Panoramic images, use the long side measurement for pricing.

Custom sizes available, please inquire.

Price is print only, plus shipping cost and applicable taxes.

All pricing is in US dollars.

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