We select 4 artists a week to be featured. This week our topic is photography.

Voting is over. The winner is

Chanda Hopkins




Luc Girouard

Luc Girouard lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

A seasoned graphic designer, it is only recently that he discovered his newest passion -- photography.


A N Quittner

In September of 2019 I met a professional photographer who told me that the fundamental principle of photography in one simple phrase is: Fill the frame. When he said these words something extraordinary occurred within me and I began taking 500-700 pictures a day. I have become a dedicated street photographer ever since.


Chanda Hopkins

I am a multi talented, multi disciplinary artist. I love creating beauty. It's something that is such a part of me I can't help it. Hair and makeup were my first loves, with photography coming in a close second.


Jack Savage

Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist and a certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC and trainer. He currently is the owner of a spacious studio in Northampton, UK where he teaches both Photography and Photoshop classes and workshops.