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Bansri Chavda

21th of July - 20th of August 2020

Indian painter




When did you decide to want to be a painter?

Being introvert and as a growing up teen - ART was my natural expression, which became my chosen subject in school, , in 2001 when Gujrat was hit by a major earthquake taking lives of around 20000 people and 167000 injured - the pursuit of anything seemed without meaning after witnessing such loss - people were trying to get back to normal lives. My art activities during those times could engage children and adults - I found a loving and caring tango with my art, I was graduating in a commerce college followed by taking up company law - but it failed to interest me - I found my art workshops helping people - and I found my own art helping and healing me. I now discover with time that my art has two aspects - a one on one relationship with me, and one to many through my writeups on my artworks and my workshops. 


Who or what inspires you the most?

I - Ness, and Oneness inspire me the most! I - Ness cannot be objectified - cannot be known - it's not an object of knowledge. And Oneness is nothing but Love! The awareness of this helps me to keep my process very sacred - I am not here to gain money or fame - I have enough material comfort to be grateful for in life- and knowing everything perishes away there is no greed to fame. But a desire to spread my art - as it's meant for people - that is how it is - maybe I cannot put in perfect words but with the experience, I know the utility of my gift! 


What kind of impact has it on you, now that you are restricted to travel during this unprecedented pandemic crisis?

This is a very interesting question - I was just fortunate enough to be on a very wonderful project called Art4Breath which was an international art project with 8 other co-artists from different parts of the world - the project aimed to generate funds that could be used to buy oxygen equipment for COVID 19 patients - The material contribution of the project will still be well on wings on time, but this project made me think deeply about something which was - if I as an artist have to do something it is first to allow whatever expression is coming forth through me in this time without judging why, how and what for?! 

And I have just done that past two months I have been painting, writing and reading - my artworks have surprised me as they speak about Darkness - and light at the end of it all. Human civilization has witnessed so many societal catastrophes and it has the strength to emerge from it - but the powerful thing is that which happens " inside" of each and every one of us. 

When the art world has gone discussing repercussions of the pandemic and its economic impact - I choose to focus on my contribution at this time. 



How do you work on your art and cope as an artist? What is your special process?


My special process is surrender - to love all those people who love me for what I am - to love them back! This same appears on paper - I don't think when I start with my art there is a mere material preference on my mind - it's almost like you know how you feel and so you know what you want for dinner - but beyond the kind of medium I want to explore I have no idea what I am painting - till it starts emerging - then the work itself inspires another work - I review the simplest details of my work - what gave me joy when I was painting, what challenged me - what empowers my Emotional Retina - empowers my work - asthetics and simplicity have seduced me and I love my work to be a WABI SABI - it usually emerges that way! 



What do you do in your operating role as an activist? Where can art fans and enthusiasts see more of your artwork?


My work as an activist is right now to support projects I possibly can and I find human values in. Sometimes the ideas are wonderful but the execution in grass root level where it makes a real-life impact on people is not there - I like to step back from such projects. Where I live in Mumbai India I run a home studio for children - equipping children with expression is a passion which will never die!!!

When they create they feel deeply happy - and that vibe lives well!

My art is represented by a wonderful art gallery in Rome and Miami - 11 HH.

Googling Bansri Chavda Artist - can be the easiest way to follow my art.






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