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Barb Sherin: Love Letters


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Barb Sherin is an entrepreneur and self-taught painter, who at a very young age, was bit by the fashion bug. Her interest in designing had her juggling both senior year in High School and training at The French Fashion Academy in New York City. She attended Parsons School of Design and was shortly introduced to the music industry. At the same time, she pursued her passion for painting. Her collaboration with Pioneer Hip Hop Photographer, Al Pereria, landed her paintings in magazines with recording artists, Schoolly D, MC Ren, Yoyo, Tevin Campbell, Wu Tang Clan, and more.

In 1992, Hip Hop Icon MC Lyte & Golden-Age Hip Hop Lyricist Lin Que launched a management & production company called Ace Entertainment. There, Barb learned the importance of Marketing & Promotion.

In 1999, Barb & Lin Que joined forces to launch Queb, a boutique progressive creative firm. Queb has developed into an avant-garde team of visionaries that deliver tailor-made solutions for combating creative monotony. They coined the term “Graphic Poetry.” Call on them…”When You Need to Stand Out, While You’re Blending In!”™ 

She continues her love for painting… "Painting is my life. It lets me express my everyday… whether inspired by Someone… Something… Somewhere… a Moment." 

Barb Sherin currently lives and works in New York City and Barcelona, Spain. 

Her Art is part of private collections in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Spain.


You are a self-taught painter. What was your journey from fashion to painting?

Yes, I am a self-taught painter… My first experience was with canvas. It was a side project at Parsons.  I loved the feel and freedom… I felt no restrictions, just pure emotion and that was it… 30 something years later…I have my own methods and style. 

Your new series is titled "Love letters". What is the story behind this series?

My new series, “Love Letters,” which dropped on March 2, 2022, is based on a journal that was devoted to my partner during our first year of marriage in 2015 and I wanted to interpret it. It's a delicate touch on the love story through my art.


Which city inspires you more, New York or Barcelona? 

For me every city inspires me… of course in different ways.  New York is my home… my roots. A city that continues to motivate me and made me who I am. It's always in my heart.  Barcelona is a city that I admire and quite fond of.  2 hours away and I adore the beaches of Costa Brava, Girona. They have influenced some of my work in the past 10 years… also Barcelona is a city where I fell in love, married and currently reside.

Where "Love letters" will be featured/exhibited?

I am also delighted to announce that I will be exhibiting  “Love Letters” alongside some of my past works at The Other Art Fair Virtual Edition presented by Saatchi Art May 23 - June 5, 2022.  

What are your plans for the near future? Are you already working on something? 

Working on a new series... and a project that I should be starting around mid June

love letter 1 jaamzin.jpg

Love Letter 1
Oil on canvas - 40 W x 36 H

in Barcelona 2021

love letter 2 jaamzin. jpg.jpg

Love Letter 2

Oil on canvas - 42 W x 40 H

in Barcelona 2022

love letter 3 jaamzin.jpg

Love Letter 3

Oil on canvas - 42 W x 42 H

in Barcelona 2022

love letter 4 jaamzin.jpg

Love Letter 4

Oil on canvas - 40 W x 39 H

in Barcelona 2022

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