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JaamZIN Creative


Bela Balog

Digital Artist

Bela Balog.jpg

"I live in Budapest (Hungary), a beautiful city that is cooled by the water of the blue Danube in summer. I live just a few meters from the river. My family and I walk along the shore many times. I love the atmosphere of the city, its colors, its history, its inhabitants, its hustle and bustle, its buildings. I draw a lot of inspiration for my work.

In my work, I tell stories. Stories that inspire, make me think, make me feel. It could be a street scene, an article, or a picture in a local newspaper or on the web. I just listen and try to tell the stories with my art works later."

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Your digital art works are very vibrant and colourful. What do these colours represent in your art?


My artworks tell stories, and one of the most important parts of them are colours. Not only do they form an atmosphere, but together with the shapes, they also form the basis of the stories.

Where do you get your inspiration from?


From the world around me, from what happened. I live in Budapest, which is a beautiful city. There are plenty of sights, but the little stories of everyday life are the most important to me. Sometimes I see a picture or read an article in the newspaper and find inspiration. Movies, novels, poems are also often inspired me.

Where can people see your works in 2022?


Fortunately, in 2022, my artworks will be visible in many places. My works are regularly featured in virtual exhibitions at Tebbs Gallery or The Holy Art Gallery. I am also currently competing in the Doncaster Art Fair. In March, my artworks were on display at the ICON group exhibition organized by the Boomer Gallery.

My artworks will be exhibited in Athens at the Athens Art Open in June, organized by the Art Number 23 Gallery. Several of my works will be published by the Art Vue Magazine in Brussels. In addition, I take part in many other competitions and online exhibitions.

What is your favourite topic for your art?


Everyday stories around me. But in my works, houses, buildings and objects created by human hands often appear. I also love to create portraits in my own abstract style.

What are your plans for the coming years?


A lot of work and creation in the first place. But I also constantly experiment, to create something new, interesting. I like to deviate a little from the usual. I consider myself a progressive creator.


Autumn Sunshine

Sunlight peeks out between the falling leaves and the slowly stripping tree branches. I’ve always loved autumn because of its colors.


Rain Bombs

Through the window, raindrops collect and turn into large rain bombs. The outside world is a little blurry.



When harvesting apples, the ripe juicy, sweet fruits are collected.

Apple Jam.png

Apple Jam

The apples collected are made into a tasty apple jam. One of the experiences of my childhood is my grandmother’s homemade jam.

Golden Apple.png

Golden Apple

The golden apple is an element in various national and ethnic folk legend sor fairy tales.

A miracle that gives life.png

A Miracle That Gives Life

The biggest miracle in the world. The birth. And the miracle of giving life.



The musician and the instrument. Deep, close connection. The musician's inspiration, talent, the voice and emotions of the instrument.



Storm clouds light up, the sky darkens. The power of nature is manifested.

Advertising Column.jpg

Advertising Column

It's in every city. It brings news. As a child, he was called a street herald.



A face out of many, isn't it? A face full of emotions, desires, sadness, joy, memories of the past, and faith in the future.

My Muse, My Love.jpg

My Muse, My Love

I'm a lucky person. I have everything.



Good neighborly relations, or bad neighborly relations. Not all the same.

Poster Exhibition.jpg

Poster Exhibition

I love poster exhibitions. A good poster has a lot to say. It transmits important messages.



What is the secret? Everyone explain it. If I betrayed it, it would be no secret.

Urban Hustle and Bustle.jpg

Urban Hustle and Bustle

The hustle and bustle of the city, cars are buzzing, people are rushing, or just looking out their window they are enjoying the atmosphere of the city.



The last trip. The ultimate way of a life. How much more do the innocent have to suffer because of the many incomprehensible powers?

Romeo and Juliet by Bela Balog.jpg

Romeo and Juliet

Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

(W. Shakespeare)


The Power of the Soul

The power of the soul overcomes evil around us.



Around us, life, the world, nature, the city are renewed again and again. This is the rotation.



It's just good to be together.



The valley is full of wonders. Like in a fairy-tale. They tell stories about the creation of the world.

View from My Living Room-2000x2000.png

View from My Living Room

My environment where I live is exciting and beautiful. I watch and listen. Inspire in my work.



A meeting of beauty and awesome power. Vital water flows into the deep, later irrigating and revitalizing the countryside as a river.

Foggy Morning.png

Foggy Morning

During a small forest walk, foggy early morning in the woods.

Wheat field at sunrise.png

Wheat Field at Sunrise

The rays of the day of life embrace the bread and the field of wheat that gives life.

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