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Maligne Lake 1400.jpg

JaamZIN Creative


Chris Woodward

23rd of May 2021- 22nd of June 2021

Digital artist


Chris Woodward is a British-born first-generation Canadian who uses digital media to create original artwork inspired by nature. The majority of his work showcases the brilliance of western Canada, but he has pieces which draw from his travels in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America as well.

"I often work from reference photographs taken over the past 40 years to create western Canadian scenes. Inspired by other artists (the Group of Seven’s Lawren Harris, in particular), I usually complete the art in a stylized fashion making use of geometric shapes and saturated colours. My aim is to produce interesting patterns and recognizable landscapes while staying within a unified theme."

Contact with the artist:

Portfolio of photography and digital art:


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He is also featured on Behance at and Instagram at

Aspen Forest 1400.jpg

Aspen Forest

Assiniboine 1400.jpg

Mt Assiniboine

Boom Lake 1400.jpg

Boom Lake, Alberta

Brewer 1400.jpg

Mt Brewer, BC

Castle Mtn 1400.jpg

Castle Mountain, Banff, Alberta

Devils Head 1400.jpg

Devil’s Head Mountain, Alberta

Highway 40 1400.jpg

Highway 40, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Highwood 1400.jpg

Highwood Pass, Alberta

Maligne Lake 1400.jpg

Maligne Lake, Jasper, Alberta

Mt. Lougheed and Gap Lake 1400.jpg

Mount Lougheed and Gap Lake, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Nelson 1400.jpg

Mount Nelson, BC

Night train 1400.jpg

Night Train, Banff, Alberta

Robson 1400.jpg

Mount Robson, BC

Temple from Herbert Lake 1400.jpg

Mount Temple, Lake Louise, Alberta

The Kananaskis Rockies 1400.jpg

The Kananaskis Rockies, Alberta

The Purcells 1400.jpg

The Purcells, BC

Three sisters 1400.jpg

Three Sisters, Canmore, Alberta

Yamnuska 1400.jpg

Mount Yamnuska, Kananaskis Country, Alberta

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