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Joy of hope 150 x90cm flat canvas.jpg

JaamZIN Creative


Elwira Bernaciak

10th of February 2021- 09th of March 2021



"The magic of colour and shape"

The exhibition is a collection of works by the artist Elwira Bernaciak from 2017 to 2021

A few selected paintings for this exhibition represent the dynamics of colour and shape, which inspired the artist during these years of work.

Here, too, the artist enters the convexity of the work - the texture of art and the ability to combine acrylic with other media. Metallic paints and golden leaves are the favourite decorative accessories for the wheels. It is these media that add light and eloquence to painting. To create works, use brushes, paint knives, hands, sponges and other tools that allow to obtain a unique final effect.

Elwira was born in Poland in 1975. She has lived in Ireland since 2005 and it was in this country that she began her adventure with reliving emotions and feeling the surrounding world in art.

In Elwira’s painting you will see strong emotions - joy, thoughts, expectations and hope. Capturing it in colour and shape is a geometric closure of the moment, abstract emotions captured and combining them with realism as seen through the eyes of the artist.


We invite you to discover this world in this online exhibition.

Each work is described and has a link to direct purchase.

Do not ask 60x60cm acrylic Elwira Bernac

Do Not ask - 2018

Acrylic painting on canvas



Dublin Bay-acrylic on canvas 30x40cm.jpg

Dublin Bay Kaleidoscope - 2019

Acrylic on canvas

40cm x30cm

Framed 53cm x43cm


Escape 40x50cm Elwira Bernaciak.jpg

Escape - 2017

acrylic art on canvas


framed 48cmx59cm


Feel weightlessnes 1 70x50cm300.jpg

Feel Weightlessness 1 - 2019

acrylic on canvas


€ 590

Find your way 120cmx100cm -scan .jpg

Find you way - 2020

Acrylic +mixed media + golden leaves

on deep canvas 120cmx100

€ 1645

Joy of hope 150 x90cm flat canvas.jpg

Joy of hope - 2021

Acrylic palette knife art on canvas


€ 854

Life 40x50cm 2020.jpg

Life - 2020

mixed media + golden leaves +acrylic

Art on canvas



Look at happiness Elwira Brnaciak( 300dp

Look at happiness - 2018

Acrylic on canvas



€ 930

Measure the nebulae 60x60cm acrylic - Co

Measure the nebulae - 2019

Acrylic on canvas



Midnight shape 50x40cm October 2019 - Co

Midnight shape -2019

Acrylic on canvas



Mother Earth 30x40cm.jpg

Mother Earth - 2019

Acrylic texture art on canvas

30cmx 40cm


Robin space - acrylic on canvas 40x30cm.

Robin space - 2019

Acrylic art on canvas


framed 49cmx37cm

€ 460


Silent scream - 2019

Acrylic art on canvas



Sleepy visions 50x40.jpg

Sleepy visions - 2018

Acrylic art on canvas


framed 59cmx49cm


Space for love  - acrylic 12x16 ,2019 ,

Space for love - 2019

Acrylic texture art on canvas


framed 43cmx53cm


Stop 165x100cm.jpg

Stop -22021

Acrylic abstract art on canvas



Surivie - 75x50cm acrylic+oil +gold leav

Survive - 2020

Acrylic, texture and golden leaves art on canvas



Twisted thoughts 60x60cm acrylic Elwira

Twisted thoughts -2018

Acrylic art on canvas



Unable to speak pouring art 50cm x40cm 2

Unable to speak -2020

Acrylic pouring art on deep canvas



Vectors of relativity.jpg

Vectors of relativity 2020

Acrylic +mixed media+ golden leaves on canvas



What hides the universe 40x50cm .jpg

What hides the universe - 2019

Acrylic art on canvas


frame 49cmx59cm#


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