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Fabian Perez

13th of February 2021- 12th of March 2021


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Fabian Perez is an Argentine artist living in the city of Los Angeles since 1997. He left his hometown Campana, Buenos Aires at the age of 20 and began to travel the world looking to develop his artistic talent inherited from his mother. Over the years Fabian has explored different paths searching for greater self expression and artistic truth. His tenacity and dedication have led him to be recognized at an international level as one of the best portrait painters of the century and considered by the media as the best contemporary figurative artist of his generation. Fabian Perez art and style is unique, reflecting passion, emotion and pure energy. He is the creator of a new painting movement that he calls Neo Emotionalism. A style that will be recognized by the artist who feels liberated after finishing his work, and to the viewer who can feel the artwork in his heart

Contact with artist:


What exactly is Neo-Emotionalism?

Neo-emotionalism is an artistic movement and the name I decided to advocate to my style of painting.

How different is Neo-Emotionalism art from regular art movement and style?

The majority of the movements are focused on the technique while Neo-emotionalism is focused on the artist’s skills and emotions. Is important that the artist doesn’t use his mind in the execution to let the feelings and emotions to flow, and fundamentally the mastery of a skill should be shown in a figurative piece. To me, Art is the expression of the soul thru skills. Emotions without skills or skills without emotions, do not form an Artist.

In your personal opinion as an artist, why is feeling liberated important for both the artist and viewer?


Is important to feel liberated to let new emotions to feel the space and keep creating. If you don’t feel liberated when you finish a peace, it means that your creation is incomplete. The viewer should feel the same way when they essentially understand what they’re observing.

Why do you think most art shows 'Emotionalism’?


I think all arts created with emotions and skills shows emotionalism among other styles and movements.

Who influences your art style?


Mostly Shodo, for the control of the execution with an empty mind. Shodo artists make look simple something completely difficult and sophisticated. Cesan for the quality of his brushstrokes, Caravaggio for the lighting, Van Gogh for the intension, he wanted the sun that he painted to warm you up.

Who are your top 3 favorite artists who portrays their art in terms of vivid communication of moods, feelings, and ideas?


Picasso did express his and his muses mode even with really abstracted drawings. Cesan and Caravaggio, already explained in previous question.



Celina con Abanico IV.jpg

Celina con Abanico IV

English Rose VII.png

English Rose VII

For a Better Life Red and White.jpg

For a Better Life Red and White

Late Ride II.jpg

Late Ride II

Lifeway .jpg


Like a Cat with Green.png

Like a Cat with Green

Saba at Las Brujas with Red Wine.jpg

Saba at Las Brujas with Red Wine

Smoking Under the Light White Suit.jpg

Smoking Under the Light White Suit

Tango en San Telmo III.jpg

Tango en San Telmo III

The Embrace VII   (at Train Station).jpg

The Embrace VII (at Train Station)


Olga at home

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