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Jack Savage

26th of Sept 2021- 25th of Oct 2021

Fine art photographer

Jack Savage jaamzin.jpg

Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist and a certified expert in Adobe Photoshop CC and trainer.

Winner of Gold at Tokyo Foto Awards 2018/2019; Silver from The PX3 Awards - The Prie de la Photographie 2019, Silver from Moscow Foto Awards 2020, and Winner of the Pangea Prize, 1st Place from Siena Photo Awards 2017, and winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award - 1st Place in the Fine Art category at The Spider Awards 2017, 1st Place at The Chromatic Awards 2017 - amongst many other international honours.

He currently is the owner of a spacious studio in Northampton, UK where he teaches both Photography and Photoshop classes and workshops.

Contact the artist:


What's so special about your collaborative art project INFLUX with Dominic Abbey?


My collaborative art project with Dominic Abbey is born out of 20 years of friendship, together with a joint passion for the arts. Over the period of the global pandemic we managed to visit and network numerous art galleries forging in our minds eye the kind of art we wanted to create. We are striving to break down boundaries, common narratives and generic conventions with our collaborative mixed media artworks. We focus on tackling societal issues that are sociological, historical and criminological by nature.

Amongst so many World's most prestigious professional photography awards, which are your top 3 favorite pieces of work?

My favourites amongst the worlds top photography awards are The International Photography Awards based in New York City, The OneEyeland Photography Awards based in India, and The Black and White Spider Awards based in Los Angeles, California. My biggest win is undoubtedly being awarded Photographer of The Year - Merit of Excellence from the Spider Awards 2020.

What is your special process of producing such excellent conceptual fine art?


I entertain many different techniques whilst producing conceptual fine art. From studio photography through to mixed media paint techniques on canvas. My process is multi varied and multi faceted, and in all honesty there remains an element of secrecy to my creative process. I do run workshops in my studio and I am gradually expanding remotely offering training on a world stage.

What is your advice to collaborate seamlessly with other photographers?


My advice for collaborative projects between two of more photographers is to simply to let go and enjoy and watch the creative process grow and unfold. I have found a lot of joy in sharing successes with am artistic partner. In some ways this joy is even better than celebrating individual success, as you embrace joint happiness through exhibitions and the large scale framing of collaborative works. A sense of acclomplishment, and a success shared is unequivocally more fulfilling and exciting than any indivual accolade.

How did you begin to specialise in studio portraiture, landscapes, street photography, mixed media photographic art, and digitalized psychedelic creations? What was your first inspiration?


My first inspiration for the creation of my fine art works was watching many films, and studying the history of cinema. The cinema of Film Noir (1920 - 1950) fascinated and intrigued me in equal measure, due to violent criminological subplots, and the mysterious sexual power relations at play. In terms of photography I have tried my hand at many genres. Street Photography, Urbex and Church work followed by landscapes and studio portraiture. I have even engaged in creative wedding photography, although that is certainly not my favorite of photographic genres.

Where else can people see your exhibits and works?


I am currently represented and people can buy my works at three galleries. The Blackline Gallery, San Francisco, The Passepartout Gallery, Milan and The Zari Gallery, London. My art is also available to purchase via the websites Artsy and Tricera. Here are the interview questions.







4.Contemporary Photographic Street Art.jpg

Contemporary Photographic Street Art





7.No Life.jpg

No life







11.Street Colors.jpg

Street colors


Walk the walk

13.Give Up!.jpg

Give Up!

14.Guru Guru.jpg

Guru Guru









19. GRAFTIKS.jpg




21.With Honor.jpg

With honor

22.Speak Out.jpg

Speak out

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