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Jolanta Johnsson

30th of May - 29th of June 2020

Freelance artist 


Jolanta Johnsson graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she specialised in graphics. Since then she has worked as a freelancing artist, and painting and drawing are the techniques that dominate in her work. She creates figurative compositions and landscapes. Through the figurative representations, she seeks to portray existential questions, and she focuses on the reality that she is surrounded with, i.e. the reality of the "modern man" living in an era of multidimensional change.

We have conducted an interview with Jolanta.



"Art is like a landscape - it surrounds me, extends to the horizon. I feel its diversity, but I don't catch it, I try, I want to capture its secret. I am painting, ask the paint to be colour, reflect a bit of what nature offers. Each new image is a new attempt. This is my artist's life - trials and searches. Life in the process",

What is art in your own terms? How do you feel when you’re inspired?

In my understanding, art is something incomprehensible. From the point of view of practical needs - unnecessary. And yet it is. An artist is a man who feels the irrational need to make art. He doesn't know why. The need to convey on canvas or paper (I will limit myself to visual arts) impressions, thoughts or ideas is so great that the question about the goal goes to the background. The desire to create something that has never been before dominates - that is what creativity is. Although I know that I work within my own limits, I would like to exceed them every time. I know from experience that when I don't experience a moment of intensification, during which I can tear down something I have already done, what was already meant to be, I will not feel that I created the image. Art is this effort.


What is the life like as an artist?

The artist's life is life in the process. There is no boredom. We are currently experiencing difficult days. Many people around the world are isolated in their homes in forced quarantine. I hear from my friends that they clean windows, clean kitchen cabinets - suddenly there is time. I - the artist - I paint more pictures. Though I like to have clean windows and cabinets.



Do you think your life is any different from others? If yes, how so?


I think that the process of making art means that you can be free from certain problems. Boring, as I mentioned, maybe some bad thoughts about other people? Although the artists are by no means saints. However, when an artist is honest with himself and struggles with his art in his truth - this is such an intense process that you can not find time for bad thoughts even about an unpleasant mother-in-law.


What are the truths about the human being?


Man is beautiful and good, ugly and evil. We are doomed to this duality. Without the tension between these poles there would be no art. At least the one we know. For centuries, man has been trying to understand himself through art - he is the central figure in it. In my art there are also human figures, I use the sign of a human figure to express what is happening in him - consciousness, heart, or it can be called differently. Sometimes I think the world of nature; plants and animals is so wonderful and diverse that it is not worth looking after a human. However, this topic keeps coming back.



How special is your process and technique?


My favorite technique is oil on canvas. I also paint with acrylic paints. However, it's such artificial paints. They dry quickly, you still need to be careful not to dry them on the brushes.


Where can our art fans and readers find more of what you create?

My works are online. I use the benefits of the internet and show them in several places:





I present them also in social media:




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