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29th of November- 28th of December 2020


I am a painter born in Japan. I draw two pictures a day. From junior high school, I aspired to be a painter. When I was in high school, I was helped by a cat that became a family member, and I got a human heart from that cat. I'm painting to convey my thoughts to the cat. To that end, my goal is to work all over the world. Please look at my picture and I want you to smile. Thank you.


A bear is standing in the woods.



With a bonfire, they play the violin.



My father commute to work in the morning.



The boy writes his summer vacation homework.



An elephant is bathing.



The girl play the flute.



They look into their glasses.



The grapes have grown big.


"Green Tea"

Drinking warm green tea will make you feel at ease.



The mouse came out of the pot.



Project the movie onto a mug.



A baseball player is decorating the ball.



He plays in the park.



It’s raining slowly.



They go to school in winter.



She skates in a frozen pond.



She swims in the pool.



I took a look at the rice fields.



I sprinkle soy sauce on tofu.



It is a town where the morning sun hits.



It is a ukulele played in a tropical country.



It is a fresh vegetable.



The tiger climbed the wood.



Soften your body with yoga.



I’m doing yo-yo skills.


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