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Lucia Monica Gorea

04th of July 2021- 03rd of August 2021

poet, writer, and artist

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Award-winning author, Lucia Monica Gorea, is a Canadian poet, writer, and artist who has published over a dozen books spanning multiple genres including poetry, short stories, a historical novel, children’s stories, and translations. Her poems have been translated into several languages and featured in various magazines around the world.

Lucia is the founder of BestSellers Publishing Academy, Poetry Around the World, and Poets and Writers’ Café. For several years, she has hosted radio and television shows in Vancouver and Portland, Oregon. She was the keynote speaker at the 8th International Symposium on Translation, Interpretation, and Terminology in Havana, Cuba, 2013.

Lucia teaches English literature and creative writing at Vancouver Island University and graduate studies at Atlantic International University in the United States. She is passionate about writing, photography, and painting, and loves to inspire others with her words, artwork, positive energy, and motivational quotes. 

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To me art is what water is to fish, wings to butterflies, and rain to wheat. It is an avid flow of my pure emotions and feelings. Photography is an art form that allows me to express myself, with the only boundaries being the ones which I create, inviting the viewer to come into my space and go on a journey with me; to feel what I feel.

 Photography is poetry without words and music without melody. It is my window to the world.

I blend with nature, I breath nature, and I convey nature in all its forms. I observe, I snap a moment in time, a moment forever still, and save it for generations to see. Whatever it is, I find that it always stirs something within my soul; it is the urge to capture and portray the world as I see it.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

-Dorothea Lange

A Taste of Paradise.jpg

A Taste of Paradise



Oregon Coast.jpg

Oregon Coast

On the Island.jpg

On the Island

Mirroring Creek.jpg

Mirroring Creek

Lonely Lily.jpg

Lonely Lily

Longing for You.jpg

Longing for You



The Lost Creek.jpg

The Lost Creek

White Cliff.jpg

White Cliff

Green Awakening.jpg

Green Awakening

The Lake of Dreams.jpg

The Lake of Dreams

Gold River.jpg

Gold River

Wintry Dusk.jpg

Wintry Dusk

Snail in the Rain.jpg

Snail in the Rain

A Day on the Lake.jpg

A Day on the Lake

Lush Gardens.jpg

Lush Gardens

Scent of a Flower.jpg

Scent of a Flower

Red Dreams.jpg

Red Dreams

Heliconia Bihai Lobster Claw.jpg

Heliconia Bihai Lobster Claw

Basking in the Sun.jpg

Basking in the Sun

Fashion in Tulum.jpg

Fashion in Tulum

Boat Flying on Rio Nuevo.jpg

Boat Flying on Rio Nuevo

Fishing in New River.jpg

Fishing in New River

Aboriginal Art - Mural I.jpg

Aboriginal Art - Mural I

Aboriginal Art - Mural II.jpg

Aboriginal Art - Mural II

Falling Water.jpg

Falling Water

In the Shade.jpg

In the Shade

Ready for School.jpg

Ready for School

Happy Souls.jpg

Happy Souls

Image size

10 x 14 - 100

12 x 18 - 120

18 x 24 - 200

20 x 30 - 220

24 x 36 - 250


Limited Edition

Prints are signed by the artist.

Custom sizes available, please inquire.

 Shipping cost included.

All pricing is in US dollars.


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