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The photography of

Miguel Melleiro Junior

10th of November - 15th of December 2019


Click on the picture to see the exhibited artworks in magazine format

Miguel Melleiro Junior.JPG

My interest in photography began in the mid-1990s, when I started shooting with 35mm film and bought my first SLR camera. 

Self-taught, I began to study and practice photography through books, articles and printed publications, available in bookstores and newsstands in the 90s in Brazil.

I did my first professional 35mm slide job in 2000 and received my first payment for a series of institutional photographs.

I was one of the first photographers to work professionally with digital photography in Brazil in the early 2000s, started with a 5 megapixel digital camera and used Adobe Photoshop version 5.5 to edit my photos.

From 2000 to 2010, I worked as a product photographer and also as a graphic designer producing product photos and catalogs for various companies in Brazil.

In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with Alzhaimer disease, so I made the decision to stop my professional career in photography.

In 2016, I returned to shooting again, but only for my personal projects in Authorial Photography.

Well, since then that's what I've been doing when I have some time and little money left.
I currently have few financial resources, so I take my pictures using basic photographic equipment consisting of a mirrorless camera and a kit lens.

Well, I'm a simple man from the interior of Brazil and I think that's all I have to say, I hope my photos have more to say than my words.

In April 2017 I began photographing in Paranapiacaba, and in just over a year I formed a

 portfolio of this small railway village with approximately 1000 inhabitants.


Two Windows.jpg

My favorite subject in photography, are people on the streets and in public places. The reason for my preference for this subject is that I like to photograph the relationship of people with the environment in which they live.

White Bicycle.jpg
Ceramic Pots.jpg
Three Tones.jpg
T Shirts.JPG
Patchwork Curtain.jpg
Iron Ring.JPG

During these years, is there someone or any photographers who influenced you? How did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?

The Brazilian photographer Germam Lorca (São Paulo, May 28, 1922 - 97 years of age). 

German Lorca influenced me through his minimalist photos and also his street photos, since I met his work a few years ago, I immediately identified with his works. His modernist and exquisite photography inspired me to do many of my photos.

Colorful Umbrella.jpg
Yellow Fish.JPG
Colorful abstract.JPG
White Door.JPG
Place to talk.jpg
Green Window.jpg
Ghost Locomotive.jpg
Industry Door.jpg
Nature Strikes Back.JPG
Structure Ropes.jpg
White and Red.jpg

If you can go anywhere you want, which 3 places would you want to go for photography?

If I could choose 3 places to photograph, these three places are located here in Brazil:

Tiradentes - State of Minas Gerais - Brazil

Ouro Preto - State of Minas Gerais - Brazil

Paraty - State of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

All these places have in common historical centers with architecture of the baroque style of the Brazilian colonial period, Cycle of the Gold - end of century XVII.

Rectangular Dutch Window.jpg
Orange Wall.jpg
Two windows II.JPG
Red Towel.jpg
Square Dutch Window.jpg


Premonstratensian Seminary - Pirapora do
Big House - Monte Alegre do Sul.JPG
Old House - Itu - SP - Brazil.JPG
Almeida Junior Cultural Space - Itu - SP
Lodging House - Paranapiacaba - SP - Bra
Yellow and blue facade - Facade of a dec
Pink Door - Embu das Artes - SP - Brazil
Old House - Santana de Parnaiba - SP - B
House - Paranapiacaba.JPG
House - Monte Alegre do Sul.JPG


Dona Francisca - Paranapiacaba - SP - Br

Which do you prefer, Black and White or color photography?

Well, that depends on what you want to shoot, it also depends on the subject and the lighting conditions. If color is the predominant factor in the scene, then my choice will be  color

 photography, if the contrast is strong and well defined in the scene, then my choice will be

 black and white photography.

Portrait of Woman - Monte Alegre do Sul
Dona Maria - Paranapiacaba - SP - Brazil
Ulisses - Paranapiacaba - SP - Brazil.JP


Funicular System Wheel.JPG

Paranapiacaba is an amazing place due to its climate, its historical importance, its legends

 and mainly for the simplicity and hospitality of its inhabitants. Always when I go to

 Paranapiacaba and there is fog formation, I feel in another dimension, it is something really

 transcendental for me.

Tropical Winter.jpg
Through the window - Paranapiacaba Villa

When the fog invades the village of Paranapiacaba, everything changes and you start to see everything through contrasts and silhouettes, when this happens, then it is the right time to

 make great photos, preferably in black and white.

Caminho do Mens.jpg
Coming Home Color.jpg
walking the rails.jpg
train garage.jpg
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