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2-D Illustrator Jacob Ross

My name is Jacob Ross, from Kansas, United States. I'm a 2-D Illustrator and Environmental Artist.

Drawing for me has always been about engaging my imagination and learning how to express myself within a visual medium. This was fueled by my love of fantasy and watching my Mom draw and paint, she is the artist that first inspired, and guided me. A simple piece of printer paper, a ballpoint pen and a hard surface was all I needed to fall in love with drawing, a recipe that holds true to this day. All of this, starting when I was around 4 years old.

Since then I've fallen in love with the work of Alan Lee and John Howe, the artists responsible for bringing The Lord of The Rings franchise to life. Their sublime, other worldly illustrations capture a feeling of melancholic wonder, as though Middle- Earth was a place that once existed, lost to time and space. This is a feeling I wish to capture with my work.

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