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3 Ways to Bring Art Right Into Your Business Logo

You've designed the perfect logo for your business. You're proud of it, and you should be! What if we told you that there was a way to make your logo even more meaningful by incorporating art from within? We get it; you’re an artist. You love the art of drawing and painting, or maybe you just find inspiration in looking at other people. This article will explore three different techniques brought to you by Two Wolves Creative. They can help you take your design to the next level.

Use Your Logo's Shape

When designing your logo, you probably had a specific idea in mind for what it should look like. For example, perhaps the top of your "Y" looks like an incomplete circle, or maybe one side is longer than the other. You might not have realized that those characteristics could be used to create art! Even if they don't seem deliberate now, the chances are high that a talented artist would recognize them as intentional and use them accordingly when incorporating elements from within your logo into their work.

This technique works especially well if the art you're looking for is more of a fine work of art, like portraiture or still life. To maximize the impact of this technique, be sure that your logo's shape can stand on its own as an interesting piece of vector artwork before moving forward with incorporating it into another design.

Use Your Logo's Colors

Next, you could also use your logo's colors to create art. This technique requires more finesse than the shape method because it involves incorporating multiple elements into one design that must work together harmoniously. It can be difficult (or even impossible) for some logos to incorporate their colors in this way; however, if yours does happen to have specific tints and hues associated with it already, then perhaps they're worth experimenting with!

The first step is finding an artist who specializes in working within these color restrictions. From there, give them as much information about what you'd like them to do with your logo as possible - maybe even provide examples of other pieces of art you like so they know how to best proceed.

One of the most popular ways to bring colors into your design is through neon signs, which are used lights that emit different hues depending on what kind you buy and how they're wired. In these cases, finding a talented artist who can incorporate this bright idea into their work will only help enhance your logo's overall impact!

Incorporate Typography

Last but not least, you could also bring typography into your logo by incorporating it as a piece of art. This technique requires the most communication and planning on both sides. There’s no way to accurately predict what kind of font will be used in the final product; however, if executed properly, this method can create some truly beautiful works of art! To maximize its impact here, we recommend finding an artist specializing more in drawing than lettering - for example, one dedicated specifically to creating portraits or paintings about nature (such as waves crashing against rocks). Again, give them whatever information you can think of that might help them understand how best to recreate your business image using artistic fonts. We also recommend providing them with samples of other logos or pieces of art that you like so they can see how to best approach your logo.

Do you have a business but aren't sure what kind of image it should give off? Bring the art out in your logo and show customers just how dedicated you are to creativity! We hope this article enjoyed reading these three different ways in which an artist might incorporate your logo into their work.

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