Abstract artist Jasimen Phillips

The Queen’s Cake (2018) 16in x 24in Acrylic on canvas A klecksography based abstraction by Phillips. The title, The Queen’s Cake is an allusion to the “let them eat cake” phrase attributed Marie Antoinette.

Jasimen Phillips (°1986) is an American abstract artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. The scope of her art ranges from large scales gestational abstractions to mixed media photography. Phillips is best known for her multidisciplinary practice relating to the human condition and implicit cognition.

Blowing Off Steam (2018) Blowing Off Steam is a klecksography based painting by Phillips, created against the backdrop of an expressionistic cityscape. The stark contrast in texture and colors culminates into a bold visual interplay between shapes with emotion-like attributes.

Intersection (2018) 36in x 48in Mixed media on canvas A gestural abstraction by Phillips, exploring the contrast of sharp colors against bold brush strokes. Titled Intersection, this spontaneous painting depicts a harmonious collusion between light and sound.

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