Abstract artist Meghan Cardwell

Under the Lens: a warm-up created using ambient "chillhop" music on Youtube. 8x10, acrylic on canvas

My name is Meghan Cardwell, and I am an abstract artist based in Alexandria, Virginia. While I have admired art my entire life, I did not begin creating my own until January of 2018, when I realized that I could use my unique neurological condition to paint abstract pieces. I was born with a condition called Synesthesia – when one of my senses is stimulated, a separate sense is involuntarily activated. In my case, numbers, letters, and words are associated with specific colors in my “mind’s eye”, and have been for my entire life. Musical sounds are associated with color, movement, and depth. These associations have been consistent for as long as I can remember.

Lions! : based on the song of the same name by LIGHTS. Given to her as a gift during her tour in February 2018. Acrylic on canvas, 5x7 inches

I began Seeing Sounds Studio after a friend of mine expressed interest in a doodle I did on some notebook paper a few months ago. It has quickly grown from a side project of mine to a way for me to make extra income, and I am grateful every single day for the opportunity to develop as a new artist. I do not use brushes, only my hands (and sometimes an elbow if I’m feeling adventurous). I am so excited to learn new techniques, communicate with other artists, and share my passion for neuroscience and art in a unique way.

Cosmic Flowers: based on a playlist that included Owl City and LIGHTS, acrylic on canvas, 5x7 inches

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