Abstract artist Silvia Anan

I am a Turkish self-taught contemporary abstract artist and have been involving in the art for many years. However, actively creating art since 2019 October. For long years I pursued my business career until I got married. My work was hectic and required a lot of travelling, so sadly there were no time and no space for me to do art. In a way after our union with my husband, he pushed me to follow my passion which I am grateful to him.

Soon after I created my ‘’Incubation'' Series over 9 months time consist of 40 paintings. I use several mediums but mostly acrylic. End of Incubation series we had our son and after his birth in 2020 Aug I started to digitize my artworks and joined to the NFT Community and became a verified artist on Foundation.app platform end of March 2021. I am in a constant learning process of transforming my art into digital forms by giving them different languages to speak to the viewers until I have the spare time again to paint as I motherhood takes over.

More info:

Website: https://www.silviaananart.com

Foundation.app: https://foundation.app/@sakehqueen

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silviaanan_art

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sakehqueen