Abstract painter Jordan Plotnek


Jordan Plotnek is an internationally nomadic abstract expressionist painter with a permanent studio in Montréal. He devotes his life to solving some of humanity’s most pressing issues through professional pursuits in multiple fields, including: cybersecurity, counter-terrorism, and critical infrastructure. Inspired by both the moral challenges of his ongoing security endeavours and his travel experiences, Jordan’s artwork explores themes surrounding the nature of humankind and human society at large.

Fool's Gold

“My art practice was born out of a personal struggle with human nature based on my experiences as a military engineer and security scientist. During my itinerant travels it has since expanded into a broader investigation of the breadth of human experience and what it means to be human.”

Desert Sun

More info:

Website: www.jordanplotnek.com/art

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jordanplotnek

Singulart: https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/jordan-j-plotnek-7929

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