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Abstract painter Michelle Hold

Hold’s artistic career consists of a multitude of significant turning points - she started studying architecture in Austria, was a successful fashion model in Milan, Paris and New York, studied textile design in London, subsequently working actively in Milan before finding her feet in abstract painting. Each experience has added a new dimension to her paintings, which embody the structured layering of architecture and a trained understanding of the minute differences in color hues.

“Michelle’s large abstract canvases are almost overwhelmingly vibrant. They have a quality that perhaps can be best described as ‘wall presence’ – the layers of paint and shapes merging into each other grab the viewers’ attention and draw them in.” Nat Rubinstein

Michelle says: ‘My work concentrates on the unseen, the ever-present energy that holds the universe together. I love to paint emotions, feelings, philosophical thoughts, states of mind. I aim to offer the spectators a view into special moments where all is possible, where my dance like gestures encounter the vibrations of color and I like my creations to enchant, add to wellbeing, bring beauty to a home and open the mind.’

Read our interview with Michelle Hold in the Special Edition of JaamZIN Creative magazine.

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