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Acousticmaddie: TACET

Acousticmaddie is a soundartist which means she creates new worlds and stories with sound. She  plays several different instruments. and enjoys writing songs on the guitar, ukulele, keyboard, thin whistle, bass, harmonica, or  whatever weird thing or instruments she finds in the attic. When she perform herself she loves to stick to Norse ballads or punk like this Swedish punk song “Dit inga drömmar nå”

" TACET (EP) Silence is one of the most important things in music. Without silence we would not be able to recognize the important sounds. TACET (in musical terms) indicates that a voice or instrument is silent.

I wanted to use that metaphor to raise the voice of the silent.The ones running away from war. I do not think I have ever been so political in my music before and of course I Hope you like it." - Acousticmaddie

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