Adam Niklewicz - Quotidian - East Third Street Gallery

ON CONNECTING THE DOTS, 2019 inkjet print 16”x 24” (edition of 3)

East Third Street Gallery presents Quotidian, a solo show of eleven framed photographs of conceptual sculptures by the internationally exhibiting artist Adam Niklewicz.

Quotidian means “ordinary or everyday, especially when mundane”, and this word is a true testament to Adam's work. Adam’s sculptures hybridize beauty and humor into a sophisticated articulation of the fundamental importance of humor in everyday life. Familiar objects make his works personable and lighthearted but also challenging.

YOUR GARDEN OR MINE? 2019 inkjet print 16”x 24” (edition of 3)

Adam’s documented conceptual sculptures are subversive images that slowly deconstruct the underlying power structures that characterize contemporary culture. His attitudes regarding art are clearly present in this excerpt from an interview with ArtBookGuy;

“… The corporate society we’re all trapped in is antithetical to freedom. It wants us to believe reality can be sanitized, streamlined and made predictable. I think I make art to expose that illusion, to laugh at it. And in general, there is not enough humor in art!”

ECO, 2019 inkjet print 16”x 24” (edition of 3)

Adam Niklewicz Quotidian

Opening Reception Thursday, June 27, 2019 6-9pm

Adam Niklewicz is a Polish-American sculptor (born in Zamość, Poland) who earned his BFA in graphic communications in 1989 from Washington University in St. Louis, and his MFA in sculpture from SUNY Purchase in 2006. His work has been featured and discussed in ARTnews, CNN Style, Sculpture Magazine, Modern Painters, Art New England, The New York Times, and The Nation (in Poland – in Artpunkt, Exit, Format, Obieg, and Szum), among others. He has shown at such venues as Grounds for Sculpture, Hudson Valley MOCA, Real Art Ways, the New Britain Museum of American Art, Black & White Gallery, Five Myles, Stamford Museum, Galerie fur Landschaftskunst (Hamburg, Germany), Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej (Opole, Poland), FWD: Gallery (Poznań, Poland), and Zachęta (Warsaw, Poland).

GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS), 2019 inkjet print 16”x 24” (edition of 3)

East Third Street Gallery

82 E. 3rd St. #3B

New York, NY 10003


UNTITLED, 2019 inkjet print 16”x 24” (edition of 3)

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