Painter Alejandro Perez Becerra

From "The artists¨ series, made in acrylic and mixed techniques on Fabriano Black 30 x 30 cm.

My name is Alejandro Perez Becerra, I´m an illustrator and painter, for approximately 45 years I have exhibited my works in Argentina and abroad. Praxis International gallery represented me for 17 years in individual and collective exhibitions along the USA, Latin America, Germany, and Japan. I have participated in salons in my country and abroad and Biennials such as Havana.

My work is in some galleries of my country. Several of the Still Life series have been auctioned in Bohams, at the USA. The main series that I´m working simultaneously at the moment; still lifes, tango, landscapes and the characters of ¨The artist¨ series. I´m also currently exhibiting online at Saatchi and Artnet.

It´s a painting made on a solid wood plank of 20 x 70 cm

In the series of landscapes, I am mostly working on the panoramas in the North of my country. From the formal perspective, they have some reminiscences of D. Hockney paintings.

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