Altered Realities: A Jiangshi Introspection

As the space for pop culture, art and collectibles,

BLAXK by ActionCity (BLAXK) is proud to present Altered Realities: A Jiangshi

Introspection exhibition curated by the immensely-talented Daniel Yu!

Set as one of the original local names in the collectibles scene, Daniel Yu is a sculptor

working primarily with clay and resin. Heavily influenced by an upbringing steeped

in local tradition and pop culture ephemera; his works combine both worlds of

imagination yet remain largely shaped by his personal experiences. Best represented

by his macabre-themed characters, including his iconic Jiangshi creations, Daniel’s

toy releases see a cult following amongst the urban and subculture art scene.

The Jiangshi — strongly rooted in modern cultural consciousness by classic Hong

Kong horror movies from the 70s to 90s — is undoubtedly one of the quintessential

Asian troupes familiar to Singaporeans. More than just a cinematic genre, Jiangshi has

grabbed pop culture consciousness as current generations who grew up immersed in

this folklore mythology now seek the creative revival of the iconic horror trope.

Inspired to create his own toys after being influenced by folklores and characters

from his formative years, Daniel Yu started on his art journey through two artist

apprenticeships — one with the National Arts Council (NAC), and one with local artist

collective PHUNK. These mentorships played a big part in getting himself immersed

in the local creative scene, subsequently winning the NOISE artist of the year award,

an initiative by NAC, giving him the courage to dive head first into becoming a

full-fledged maker and creator.