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Anant - Post Modern Art house

The undying fascination of Anant Singh with the dynamics and beauty of art finally took form of a 'Post Modern Art house' named 'Anant' (A sanskrit word for Infinity) which he started in March-2020 in the city of Jaipur (India). With 24 karat gold leaf/color as their niche they created an art architecture where folk, traditional & tribal art forms can be sensibly and sensitively positioned in the global market.

Click on the photo to see the special issue of our magazine

"What is your approach and process of making art? Our approach to make an art work is simply to strike a harmonious balance between the design, materials and craftsmanship. Our process starts by buying 24 karat certified gold wire (as per the project requirement) which is then handed over to our master craftsman who uses age old manual techniques to make gold leaves & gold paints out of it. Once it is done our skilled artisans sensitively uses the material to make artworks either on handmade paper sheets or linen canvas (depending upon the requirement). It is also our attempt to make the process as manual as possible so we can provide maximum employment to skilled craftsman who otherwise are living a life of poverty."

Read our interview with Anant Singh in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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