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Ane Howard – Mixed Media Artist Showing in the London Tube and at AWD in California

California-resident and Montreal-born artist, Ane Howard, a mixed media artist, is exhibiting this month, at Art Works Downtown, San Rafael, California and London subway and we had the chance to catch up with her between shows.

Ane Howard’s mixed media artwork tells an emotional and imaged story in the portraits and landscapes she paints. Using deconstructed form born out of the expressionist movement, bold paintbrush, fabric, wax and papers and contrasting hues of colors, she imbues each brushstroke with meaning to evoke moods and ideas. Following a lifelong exploration of different art forms, Ane is dedicated to full-time painting. Speaking about her passion for oil painting, she said, “Nothing has ever fulfilled my need for self-expression the way painting does.”

Ane's vivid oil paintings have been shown at various Art Galleries in Northern California, such as the well-known Claudia Chapline Contemporary Art Gallery, the Marin Society of Artists, and Art Works Downtown and are owned by collectors around the globe. This month, two of her small works are exhibited at a Small Works Exhibition - 2019 at Gallery 1337, a juried art show and at Expo Metro London, where her work will be seen by four million subway riders

The special edition of JaamZIN Creative magazine with Ane Howard's paintings is available at:

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