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Anxiety artbook: The Nightmares Dreams Are Made Of vol. II

Brandon Stewart is a father, artist, lover of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones. A conscientious observer of the 80's. Brandon also likes to juggle creative projects. He currently paints in acrylic and oil, does pyrography (woodburning), writes stories, draws and writes for comics, and has been a professional tattooer since 2004. He won't sit still. Like millions of people, Brandon has anxiety. He describes anxiousness and panic like this: "In a small case, anxiety can feel like nervousness before a test. In a severe case, it feels like waiting to be executed. In both cases, art has been my salvation."

"Completing a book for this project is like saying to myself, “See, you survived this. You’re much more capable of dealing with anxiety than you think.” Small victories go a long way when you’re handling anxiety and panic; it’s proves to the subconscious mind that there’s no need to step in with it’s fight or flight reaction because it knows you’re in control." - read our interview with Brandon Steward in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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