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A Florida-based producer/composer turned digital, cartilaginous thresher surfing the sonic waves with an eclectic musical style. After spending its first 8 years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, followed by the next 10 in coastal Virginia, the Shark's taken residency along the continental shelf of the Sunshine State with frequent swims to and from Colombia.

“Aquabots / Robots Acuáticos” + “Stardrops / Gotas de Estrellas” is a new, two-piece robotic-aquatic single rooted in contemporary electronic and ambient styles, serving as a precursor to the upcoming LP, The FloodShark / El Tiburón de la Inundación - complete with video visualizer.

"Aquabots" depicts the sloshing sounds of aquatic robots botting aquatic, while "Stardrops" showcases my starry, sharky sorrows at sea.

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