Art director Alejandro Ortiz

Teacher: #5 rising Google search in Syria during the fourth week of January 2019. Photography: Sergey Ponomarev

My name is Alejandro Ortiz, I studied cinema and somehow ended up working in advertising agencies as an art director. War Trends is a poster design series based on the Google searches made in war torn countries in 2019: Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and South Sudan.

School: #1 rising Google search in South Sudan during the fourth week of January 2019. Photography: Goran Tomasevic

A series of 6 poster was designed in a weekly basis based on the data found on Google Trends. This is a visual exploration on the interests of the people that are facing such a difficult time. Why are they looking for these subjects in the middle of an armed conflict?. I don't have any answers, just assumptions.

Hospital: #1 rising Google search in Afghanistan during the second week of January 2019. Photography: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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