Artist Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez

WAITING shows, sublime and poetically, the way the environment that surrounds a person while waiting in a park is appreciated. It can feel like the wind travels through space softly, the smell of wet in the earth and the grass, the magical transformation of the sky when the sun goes down and the movement of the trees while they are sway with the snorting of the hours. PRICE: USD $60

Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez (Colombia, 1990) is a plastic artist in training since 2017 at the Departmental Institute of Fine Arts in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. The works of the artist speak of their daily life and their personal reflections. She is excels in the performance, videoperformance and painting.

In 2015, the artist won an honorable mention and the publication of her painting "Crystal" in the 2016 Janssen laboratory calendar in the "JANSSEN National Painting Competition 2015" and she sold her work at USD $122. In 2018 she made her most important exhibition within the university 'Propiocepciones', it was made with a collective description and a museography as a "modern art gallery". Currently she is published in the artist's book "FLAMANTES # 14" of the Spanish collective HAGO COSAS, which is an official publication.

IN YOUR FEETS it shows the prohibition on the part of the parents to the freedom of choice of their children. It emphasizes "the chaining" of the parents "to do what their want (the parent's dreams)" and not what they really want to do. It reflects how the submission obligaded of this fictic lifestyle harms this person's self-esteem by "pursuing" the frustrated dreams of their parents. This reflection was born following the lyrics of the song NUMB by LINKIN PARK. PRICE: USD $100

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