Artist Ahmed Borai

Robots Display Models, cardboard sketch, 2007, robot - 72x18x26cm cardboard design for the installation Robots Display Models in the baroque palace garden Herrenhausen, Hannover

Berlin, the eighties, where I taught myself in various studios and in collaboration with artists and artist groups, I laid the foundation for my artistic work.

After completing my art studies in Hanover, I continued my interest in the projects - collaboration with artists - artrecycle - paperplaining.

These projects have resulted in collages, paintings, sculptures and installations, mainly made of my preferred material - paper. I love this material, it is light and ideas can be implemented quickly.

Billy, cardboard-object-sketch, 2010, 22x36x20cm, Billy based on the historical figure, the young glorified gunfighter Billy the Kid - crazed armed teenager.

Object designs made of cardboard are partly realized as sculptures for public spaces, painting on paper, with the paperplainingtechnique presented as paste-ups in urban space.

Through collaboration with other artists, I developed the idea of collages of individual ideas  an automatic crossover created by this process.

These experiences flow positively into my artistic work. My intention is change "there is no way around art, art is the way".

Guard of Honour, changing of the guard - a ceremony - "throw away the rifle, switch to colourful."

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