Artist Amber Rose Olivier

African Pop Portrait 01 - Oil painting on canvas/ Size: 90 cm x 90 cm x 4 cm/ Year 2019 This piece was inspired by the Duka. South African women commonly are known to wear head wraps rather known as a "Duka" in South Africa. They are worn when sleeping to protect their hair. Dukas with more elaborate designs are worn to important social and cultures events.

Amber Rose Olivier is a South African artist and designer based in Germany and Cape Town. She has been practicing art since she was 4 years old and from a young age had extraordinary skills, winning art competitions at university level while still in early high school.

Geisha Pop 02 - Limited edition digital illustration/HD Aluminium Di-bond artwork (sold framed) /Size: 104 cm x 143 cm/ Year 2019 An original digital illustration by Amber inspired by the Geisha. Geisha, Geiko or Geigi are Japanese women who entertain through performing the ancient traditions of art, dance and singing. This is a limited edition run of only 30 pieces and 1 of 4 colour editions.

Amber’s work consists of contemporary paintings and digitally illustrated art inspired by contemporary African art and popular culture trends. Her creative direction draws on people, fashion, textiles, animals, nature and the many diverse cultures present in South Africa.

African Soul Vintage - Fine Art Print/ Size: 60 cm x 78 cm/ Year 2019 This fine art print is based on a painting by Amber Rose Olivier entitled "African Soul 01." African Soul is an expressionistic Portrait. This unique piece shows off the rather beautiful features of an African woman portrayed in an elegant yet airy manner. The background is an old wall somewhere in the streets of her city that has aged delicately over time. This fine art print is a limited edition run of only 30 prints and 1 of 2 colour editions.

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