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Artist and author Mark Julyan

Mark Julyan is an artist and writer with an interest in the transitions between text and image and a background in philosophy. He has just published a book related to these subjects called the History of The Heavens - a title derived from the book: The Universal Natural History And Theory Of The Heavens, by Immanuel Kant (1755).

"As well as a long term interest in the nature of the body, I'm also interested in numerous abstractions in language – and especially the transitions between these linguistic aspects and the pictorial. Such transitions might include those from the stated into silent speech, the difference between a sign and a mark, processes of notarization from private through provisional to public, reverse meanings and substance through negation, double aspects or entendre, varieties of intentionality and ambiguity and their consequence and so forth. The History of The Heavens enabled me to cover some of these aspects in a way whilst also engaging a long term interest in the history of philosophy." - read our interview with Mark Julyan in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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