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Artist and illustrator Juliana Kolesova

Juliana Kolesova is a Toronto based artist and illustrator.

Through her work, Juliana seeks to create enchanting, curious and captivating art, which stems from a certain emotional, historical or cultural approach. She likes to balance real life with spiritualism, the elegance of classical art with modern vision and to experiment and play with elements melting one into another.

Juliana believes art is often intentional. It is not bound to be any one thing, nor should it be described any one way. She says that her art, while having a certain idea behind it, is free to be interpreted on a very individual basis and does not necessarily fall under a specific description, nor is it destined to be any one genre of art.

One of the first things you notice about Juliana Kolesova’s art is it being twofold: The artwork can be divided into a mystical fairy tale world, as well as into Renaissance style portrait painting. Juliana’s artwork mainly consists of acrylic and oil painting or digital painting. Having a background in Fine Art, Illustration, and World History of Art and costumes has shaped Kolesova’s art - this is shown in both the art style and choice of objects. Juliana suggests reintroducing semantic and content art, and upon further looking, the art is rather contemporary. 

Kolesova’s art can neither be explained as pre-thought, nor as being impulsive. When creating art, Kolesova has a specific starting point. It can be an emotion, something historical or cultural, which inspires Kolesova. This leads to a specific image in which the art can work as metaphor. She has a specific thought that goes into her artwork but acknowledges that interpretation is not tied to one person or meaning but rather is experienced individually. Therefore, Kolesova is against ascribing a single genre to art or using a description too specific. Fundamentally, art should come from a place of honesty and be the rawest expression of itself.


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