Artist Antonio Pauciulo

array413 | oil on board | 50x40cm | 2016

Antonio Pauciulo was born in 1969 in Vico Equense, Italy. He began his artistic career in the second half of the nineties as a member of a Roman artists group. In the early twenties he moved to Berlin collaborating with several galleries of Berlin, Rome and London. His work has been included in various international art fairs and it is represented internationally in public and private collections. He lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.

array619 | oil on board | 50x40cm | 2018

I am interested in the situation where the physical human becomes an intangible icon. This is happening today through the influence of the new virtual technologies. With my images I aim to grasp the different emotional and intellectual states of the material and immaterial human presence.

BAS2713 | oil on board | 160x125cm | 2018

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