Artist Billy Ma, The Creative Genius Behind Booda Brand

“Majulah!’ by Booda Brand, Socio-Politicking Series, 2011

Billy Ma is a painter, sculptor, designer and illustrator. He was born in Taiwan but raised in Canada. 2009 saw Billy growing restless with his job as an art director in innovation and so he began to flex his artistic skills via digital illustrations during his spare time. With the popularity of the first images on social media and enquiries from interested buyers, Booda Brand - the limited-edition print company - was conceived. Drawing from contemporary themes, Billy seamlessly and naturally combines eastern and western aesthetics into his artwork. Many influences come from spirituality, socio-political issues and a sardonic sense of humour.

“Geisha Girls” by Booda Brand, 2013

"My artistic style is never written in stone. It’s always an organic and fluid situation. I am deeply influenced by people’s stories, love of music, nature and of course, love.

I draw from my education in fine art, art history and design as a springboard to my artistic process. The visual results usually take care of themselves and develop organically." - read our interview with Billy Ma in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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