Artist Brooke Knight

The digital art piece here was done for one of my friends. She had asked me to draw her profile picture on twitter so I had fun with it and made it digital for her. I prefer digital media over traditional because it is so easy to fix mistakes.

My name is Brooke Knight, I'm 19 and just finished my first year of college. I was taking art and fundamentals in hopes of pursuing my dream of becoming an illustrator or animator however unfortunately my dreams were cut short. I'm now going into university to get my bachelors of education so that hopefully one day I will be able to inspire the younger generations as much as my teachers and peers inspired me.  I have been drawing since grade 5 because of my fifth grade teacher who encouraged me to practice and improve my skills.

The sketch of the girl was a quick doodle I did when I was procrastinating working on my final project for my course. Usually I'll scroll on instagram or pinterest for inspiration and that's exactly what this picture was a product of.

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