Artist Carlos Herrera

"Guerra florida" | Carlos Herrera | Acrylic on paper | 22.9 x 30.5 cms | 2018

Carlos Herrera is a self-taught Mexican artist who has just inaugurated his second solo exhibition entitled "17M", and in which he shows 32 works of his work in acrylic on canvas and mixed media.

"Spiral" | Carlos Herrera | Mixed media | 10.4 x 18.2 cms | 2018

"I think that everything in the universe is a relationship, through vibration and contact, or what is the same, through music and caress, we relate to each other, that's what I see in my creative process: way in which materials interact, force, movement, mind and feeling."

"La salud es consecuencia del espíritu" | Carlos Herrera | Mixed media | 10.4 x 18.2 cms | 2018

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