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Universe Within 2019 - Many ancient societies practiced goddess worship and statues of those goddesses have depicted black women. The black woman is the origin from which we all come and I feel she carries the universe and it's energy within her cells and soul. The black woman has been relegated to the lowest place in our society today, but I know in my soul that she still carries that same power and universal strength that she has always had. Her power is yet to be understood. The black and white tiles represents people and society and how she does not fit into the clean lines but stands outside of that strong, independent yet still a major part of the picture.

I am a multi talented, multi disciplinary artist. I love creating beauty. It's something that is such a part of me I can't help it. Hair and makeup were my first loves, with photography coming in a close second. As a child I was always drawing and sketching fashions. People called me an artist, but I felt very separated from the title because I had a very narrow view of what art was. After many years of living in NYC and selling my creations, I realized that I am an artist in every sense of the word. I paint, draw and create collages. Photography is one of my favorite forms of expression. It helps me express what words can not. I have had the pleasure of showing my art in many places,including the Chelsea Hotel, Barnard College, the Doll Hause Gallery and the Blue Sky Eickholt Gallery in NYC. I have had my work published in magazines such as Texas Monthly,Modern Bride, Time Magazine, Essence,Nylon, Rare,and was even named as a top emerging photographer by Black Book. I am grateful to have found so many creative outlets that have enriched my life. It is my desire to share my gifts with the world, in hopes that my creations will heal, uplift and inspire others.

My newest artwork explores issues of blackness. I have always felt that the art world has put black artists in a box. When I first started selling my art some people were disappointed because they could not tell that it was "Black Art". I was in the habit of using images of pop icons that expressed how I felt in the moment or what I was trying to say, even if they were not black. I use to say that all black art doesn't have to have Kente Cloth in it to qualify as black art. It is black art if I created it , because I am black and baring the inside of the black soul and psyche through my work.

Beautiful Return - The covenant has been written. The remnant will return home to the desert. The beauty will return to the land that was promised to our ancestors.

Over the years as racial problems have become more pronounced I have started using more black models in my work, as icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe could never express what I am feeling right now about what I see going on. Even though I am expressing some anger in these images, some will miss that point because I express through beauty, after all, pretty is as pretty does. I am not going to create more ugliness in the world to express my displeasure at all the ugliness I see going on. 

In One Ear 2020 In order for black people to survive and maintain some sanity , we are taught at a young age to let the lies go in one ear and out the other. If you can do that you will remain strong. This lesson becomes even more crucial if you are a black man and even more crucial if you are a tall, strong dark skinned black man.

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