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Artist Christian Bazant-Hegemark

During the Corona lockdown I started a series of highly fragmented, monochrome pencil drawings. I used them to portray friends; in the case of the works presented here, you get to see Alex, Jasmin and Lilo. When I see these drawings now, half a year later, I see horror vacui and an obsession to fill every inch of the paper. I also remember this deep urgency to not stand still -- when the lockdown made movement impossible, I could still move the pencil, over the sheets of paper. This offered me some sort of structure, and a valid reason to stay within the moment. More than anything, these drawings are the result of a deep, maybe meditative focus.

What does portraiture mean? What does a portrait say about the portrayed person, and what does it say about the artist? I have no words to answer these questions, but I have these works, which might evoke an answer within you.

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