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Artist Christophe Carton

The spirit of the place

At the origin of Christophe Carton's works, there is the desire to show the influence of landscapes, and in the broader sense of our environment, on our mental space.

So concretely in his approach he begins by drawing from his memory images of places for which he has a particular affection. From these images he builds an imaginary place, a sensory atmosphere which corresponds to these memories. The question of figuration in his work is not the subject. According to him “an abstract work could only be a detail of a figurative work, a piece of reality seen on a different scale (seen from the sky, or microscopic view) that depends on the more or less precise sensory trace that the place leaves in memory.

In his work it is also the question of time to be kept in mind. The landscape undoubtedly establishes a link between the past, the present and the future. This time is that of the realization of the work, a very long time marked by patience, geologically long, as in the series "solastalgia" or a rapid, gestural, almost volcanic time of realization, as for example in the work " my landscape. "

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