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Artist Christopher Ahearn

At many times and at many places while searching for meaning in what I've seen in life, nothing ever comes full circle than the creation itself. What we have seen is not foreign to us at all at any level, especially with our five senses. What a wonderful thing it is to be surrounded by everyday mundane things and perceive that they may not be so far off from the supernatural as we think.

I believe in seeing past things that are merely mundane, or ordinary. There are wonderful truths we cannot escape from. I love every passing minute of it, and if I could, stretch it out by seconds trying enough to enjoy the fullness of life that pain and hardship mixed with goodness and joy grant me by my savior; with the climatic good triumphing over evil, the absence of what is evil is so much more rewarding to see than what our own wickedness and perverseness brings to the table. That is the aim of my art, is to enjoy what is and what isn't there in my creations, Life. Soli Deo Gloria

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