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Artist Cristian Stefanescu

London based artist Cristian Stefanescu was born in 1968 in Bucharest. He obtained an MSc degree in 1992 at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, specialisation in Water and Wastewater Treatment followed by the second MSc in 1994 obtained at University of Liège, specialisation in Groundwater Engineering.

After having spent more than a decade of his life teaching at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest, Cristian moved from academia to photography working in fashion industry. The passion for photography developed in the early years of college and became a constant element of his life. After long and constant collaborations with fashion brands in Romania, in 2018 Stefanescu moved to London to open his own studio.

Photography was born black and white and he chose to continue this tradition, while working on evolving the visual aesthetics of this raw art form rendering his believes. Cristian Stefanescu’s distinctive monochrome photographs are an exploration into the psychological and metaphysical. He captures nature or buildings in specific moments in time – through highly visual heartbreakingly dark images often overlapped with low-contrast minimal landscapes – to create works that stretch the idea of a hypothetical

I like to reorganize the images I am taking, by encoding the angles and relative lengths, defining new structures or new spatial symbols into a combined representation of matter. Likewise, I like to reorganize my thoughts, in order to be able to change my interpretation, or better say my perception. This is perhaps why I love photography, because it is simply a visual capture of something already created in the world and is always changing through our interpretation, each photograph being a reflexion of our vibration and our thoughts.a

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