Artist Diana Lizette Rodriguez

Painting by Diana Lizette Rodriguez

Diana Lizette Rodriguez is an experimental artist who works within installation, painting, performance, photography and the illuminating world of poetry. A Mexican American artist from San Antonio, Texas that explores the fragmented decay the world portrays. Her works hold reminders of impermanence, and she creates these reminders with disruption, disorientation and unknown predictabilities. 

Painting by Diana Lizette Rodriguez

Rodriguez pushes to work with a conceptualize intention, questions the reason for Art, and finds concepts like the 4th Dimension to be an idea in which her path wants to follow. To dive into. Questions such as “If I go to the 4th Dimension, would I be able to come back to the 1st?” arise and Rodriguez as an artist does not find the answer to such a question. She just creates. 

Painting by Diana Lizette Rodriguez

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