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Artist Elżbieta Niezgoda

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Elżbieta Niezgoda an artist from Poland. She graduated from WSP Cracow with a diploma in painting. For her artistic work, she received the Award of the Minister of Culture and Art. She works with artistic tapestry, painting, and drawing.

In her drawings, a delicate line, sometimes almost invisible, alternating with a strong, creates pictures with unusual climates, in which you can see the play of light and shadow and a varied texture.

For her, image is a refined and tasteful form, which gives an aesthetic and contemplative experience. She does it through traditional means. Most often it is a pencil and own techniques. In art, she is interested in a perfect artistic workshop. This does not exclude expression and various other forms of art from realistic to abstract.

, A work of art cannot be schematic, there must be a reason for it to be created. '

Elżbieta Niezgoda

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