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Artist Elwira Bernaciak

I was born and raised in Poland, I came to Ireland in 2005. In 2018 I received Irish citizenship. In March 2015, I registered my art company BElwiraArtCrafts and became a tutor for relaxing art workshops in Carlow.

Painting is my passion which turned into work.

I am a contemporary and innovative visual artist. In my original acrylic and mixed media paintings, you will find an interesting texture and a huge palette of colours. Experiments during the creation of painting is my favourite part of art which I showed at my workshops for adults. I love creating abstraction using available tools such as a painting knife, brushes, sponges, paper and hands to get a unique effect. My art is inspired by life and emotions that surround me, thanks to this my painting is wide and diverse. I put my soul into each of the created paintings and that makes them unique and not repetitive piece of art.

My artistic activity has been developing very intensively and my art presents at various shows, festivals and exhibitions usually under BElwira Art in Ireland. But I am also happy that I had the opportunity to show my art in Italy and France, Cannes 2018.

Being an artist is not only creating but also hard work and organizational skills. I am happy that I can make my dreams come true and that there are so many great people who have helped me along this path. I thank everyone with all my heart.

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