Artist Emmanuel Signorino

"Red Portrait". Painted on iPad with Procreate, i wanted to express the powerful expression of a face that does not exists.

Born in Cannes (France) Emmanuel Signorino is a creator of art in all its forms. Using and mixing all techniques, from acrylic to digital paint on iPad. His multiple universe is nourished by dreams, imaginary creatures.

"Dark Soul" Acrylic on streched canvas. Painted spontaneously to give life to some deep feelings and find beauty in the darkness.

As an adventurer of art, he did not impose any particular style on himself and moves from Street-art to figurative and abstract art. In his creations, he delivers a positive and awareness-raising message. He shares his dreams and hopes by writing his deepest thoughts in his paintings.

"El Topo" Painted on iPad with Paper53 was inspired by the movie of Jodorowsky. I love the sweet madness and dreaming universe of this man.

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