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Artist Evie Massee

Updated: Apr 15

 Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.
Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.

I did this piece in Studio Art in year 11, as a trial for a bigger piece for the end of the year

I love the detail in the traditional buildings around Melbourne, and wanted to capture the detail through fine liner and watercolour.

I loved the bleeding of the fine liner against the watercolour, and loved how the piece was not too controlled, but just flowed on the page.

I am 18 years old and from Melbourne, Australia. I study Occupational Therapy (Honours) at Monash University, and I also love to draw and create art. I began to explore art and drawing at 8 years old and have been developing my work and style for about 10 years now. 

When I was in year 4, I took art classes outside of school for a year, and that's basically where I found out that I was decent at drawing and painting, then I started to teach myself and looks at different styles and mediums. In year 10, I took art as an accelerated subject (VCE (year 11) in Australia) and really began to take art seriously at that point.

I then continued to draw and really explore my art style in year 11 doing art as a year 12 subject, where I drew my grandfather. This painting was where I found my art style using squiggly lines. It represents his journey with cancer, and how it took over both his physical and mental state, the glasses showing the darker black colours overtime, showing how cancer slowly takes over the body and mind. 

Artist Evie Massee

From this piece, I won the year 12 Art Award at our school ArtFest (funny considering I was in year 11 and most of the class was in year 12), and I was really proud with what I achieved, from an art sense, and from being able to create something for my grandfather.

And since then, I've been developing my art style with the squiggly lines, using biro (mainly) and trying to bring realistic aspects of a person through self-portrait, whilst also using a different style from the norm. I love to inspire others, and to find out that people appreciate the works that I do, as well as wanting to try this same style, really makes me happy in doing what I do.

I would love to be able to do commissions soon and be able to share my art with others around the world. ~ Evie

 Dodie Clark,  a singer on YouTube who's voice I adore.
Dodie Clark, a singer on YouTube who's voice I adore.

She's such a lovely person, and is able to create such beautiful songs that I cannot stop listening to. I wanted to draw this as a thank you to her and what she does, she's supported so many people and has cheered up so many people, even on their darkest days. I used my style, with the squiggly lines, building up the darker tones in her hair, cheekbones and collarbone, to create contrast, and to create a realistic representation of Dodie, to capture who she really is. I prefer not to use colour in some of my pieces, as I'm still experimenting, but I'm trying to incorporate art into some of my newer pieces.


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