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Tipsy Bubbles - I was asked to create a portrait of one Chicago's sloppiest bearded drag queens and I couldn't pass up the offer. This lady is insane! She always has a glittery beard and is always playing the ukulele. I wanted to add to the absurdity of this person by creating bees flying around her bee nest of a hair-do. In the end, Tipsy Bubbles was very impressed with my portrait of her and I hope this gives her a platform to do more shows here in Chicago.

My name is Evan D. Sears, but I go by Evy Shmurda as an alias for my artwork. I am based in Chicago, Illinois, USA which is becoming a major home to many groundbreaking artists (such as myself). I grew up in a small town in the southern United States and spent most of my free time drawing Anime and Manga based illustrations.

Monét - This piece is my latest in a series I like to call Queens, an ongoing collection of caricatures based on some famous and not-so-famous drag queens. Monét is a drag queen who appears on Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 and this is her promotion look. I wanted to create a Queen from the All Stars 4 photoshoot, and this one spoke to me mostly because of the fluorescent nature of the shoulder pieces. In this portrait, I drew attention to the bold blue lips and outlandish blue hair.

I lost my drive to draw as I grew up until recently when I took to making digital illustrations. My main focus in designing lately has been to promote small, local drag queens in the area and recreate some of their best looks. When I'm designing portraits, I always exaggerate features that I find interesting and try my best to include the most vibrant and bold color combinations.

Infinite Cats - This piece is based on one of my favorite artists from instagram called @infinite_cats. Not only is he a super cute boy, but creates these characters out of makeup unlike any I've seen before. This look in particular spoke to me since I am really drawn to the way he re-invented the traditional Japanese Oni mask. I try to promote unknown artists as much as I can and I really hope this helps him get the recognition he deserves.

My goal in life is to keep creating art that is thought-provoking and will make people smile even just for a moment, so they can see there is beauty and love in this sometimes dark and dismal world.

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