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Artist Fariel Shafee

Lady with bird
Lady With Bird

Fariel Shafee was born in Bangladesh in a family of physicists. She also ended up studying physics. However, when she was young, her parents stayed in various countries such as the UK and Italy for their jobs. It was from books of art and visits of museums and beautiful villas in Italy that she developed a lifelong passion for art. She later did her bachelors at MIT in the USA and frequently visited the Boston Museum of Art. Later, when she moved to Princeton for her PhD, she frequented the MET in New York. Recently, she spent a lot of time in Singapore when her parents were ill. That is when she started painting seriously again to relieve her stress and also started visiting museums and galleries again. In times of pain and turmoil, and in a world where rationality does not lead to all answers, there is always place for imagination and magic. In her art too she brings in magic and fairy tale stories.

Breaking Free
Breaking Free

Fariel did not take any formal art course as an adult. However, she has been following many artists online and has read up about technical details. Her art too has evolved. Initially, when she was in grad school, she painted with oil colour and made digital pieces. Now she uses watercolour pencils and watercolour while continuing with digital work. The use of watercolour and paper enables her to take her painting projects with her when she is travelling so she can take her dreams and imaginations with her and put them down on paper. She has exhibited art in several countries including the USA, UK, Italy, Germany etc and has won a number of prizes.

Spirit of Forest
Spirit of Forest

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